Pictured above are just a few images of our latest saddle product line. The two saddles pictured have been specifically designed to fit a Gypsy Cob. As most owners and trainers of these horses know, one of the difficult issues of training and riding these horses is saddle fit. This particular breed of horse has some specific conformational traits that make it difficult to find saddles that reasonably fit without causing soreness that can make the horse refuse to work under saddle. In turn, this makes it difficult to get these horses fit for show.         Most owners/trainers of these horses start out by simply using what they know like, saddles with full quarter horse bars. These tend to not be wide enough through the gullet and along the full length of the bars.  Additionally, the bar length in a full quarter horse saddle tree is typically too long. By the time you build and finish out the saddle with skirts sticking out past the bars, the overall saddle length tends to get in the way of the hip. Especially if the skirts are squared and full.

   Next is a draft horse tree which will fit the width along the length of the bars but again the bars are typically to long. The next option to fit would be to have a saddle custom made. However while most custom builders will have the ability to fit your horse they will build a saddle on a modified full quarter horse bar tree but often not take into account the key conformational differences in the two different breeds, Quarter Horses and Gypsys. Does this mean that your custom built saddle does not fit your Gypsy? No, it means that it reasonably fits and you got lucky. But more often than not a typical quarter horse bar tree saddle will not fit properly without taking into account all of the factors whether it is custom made or off of the show room floor. Here at C Bar H Saddlery we feel like we have come up with a solution that really works well to address the issues and differences that will help you find the best fitting saddle for you and your Gypsy. After having a conversation with a Gypsy owner at a Gypsy horse show in 2007, she was admiring a saddle I had built for my wife. I realized I could use several of the design elements in both the overall style of the saddle and the specific tree to build a perfect saddle for these horses. So in the back of my mind I filed away that information for another day when I actually had someone to build one of these types of saddles. I finally got the chance. After measuring a number of horses to get an average set of dimensions, we had a tree built and it works beautifully. I have designed a custom built tree that takes into account all of the major issues of proper fit based on conformational differences of a Gypsy, as opposed to a Quarter horse. I have dubbed it the Gypsy tree, and consequently started to develop my Gypsy line of saddles. From training to trail saddles up to high quality show pieces, If you have any questions or would like to consider having one of these saddles built, please contact us and we would be glad to help.

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